Current Ph.D. Students

Huajie Shao

Social Sensing, Machine Learning

Hang Cui

Social Media Analytics

Shengzhong Liu

Real-time AI

Dongxin Liu

Deep Learning in the Frequency Domain

Ruijie Wang

Social Media Analysis

Jinyang Li

GPU Profiling

Md Iftekharul Islam Sakib

IoT Middleware

Tianshi Wang

Learning in the Frequency Domain

Dachun Sun

Social Networks

Jinning Li

Social Sensing and Social Media Analysis

Edge AI

Intelligent Internet of Things


Ying Lu

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Self-managing computing systems.

Ronghua Zhang

Deep Map, Inc.

Control in computing systems.

Shashi Prabh

Ahmedabad University

Real-time wireless sensor networks.

Tibor Horvath


Energy management in real-time multi-tier Internet services.

Chengdu Huang

CTO, BorderX

Real-time content distribution services.

Liqian Luo


EnviroSuite: a programming framework for sensor networks.

Qing Cao

University of Tennessee

LiteArch: an energy-centric software architecture for sensor networks.

Raghu Ganti

IBM Research

PoolView: Towards a People Centric Sensing World.

Praveen Jayachandran

IBM Research, India

Delay Composition Theory.

Jin Heo


Performance Composition.

Nam Pham

Perturbation-based Privacy for Time-series Data.

Yong Yang


Towards Building Reliable Solar-powered Remotely-deployed Sensing Systems.

Maifi Khan

University of Connecticut

Troubleshooting Interactive Complexity Bugs.

Hossein Ahmadi


Cyber-physical Data Distillation in a Sensor-rich World.

Hieu Khac Le

Founder, Caterva

Efficient Data to Decision Pipelines.

Eunsoo Seo


Failure Diagnosis in Distributed Systems.

Yusuf Sarwar

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Disruption-tolerant Networking for Disaster Response Communication.

Dong Wang

University of Notre Dame

On Quantifying the Quality of Information in Social Sensing.

Lu Su

University at Buffalo

Resource Efficient Information Integration in Cyber-Physical Systems.

Shen Li

Facebook AI

Dynamic Resource Provisioning for Data Center Workloads with Data Constraints.

Fatemeh Saremi

Software Developer

A Participatory Sensing Fuel-Efficient Navigation System: GreenGPS.

Shaohan Hu

IBM Research

Resource-efficient Semantic Information Management.

Shiguang Wang


On Information Filtering in Social Sensing.

Tanvir Al Amin


Exploitation of Information Propagation Patterns in Social Sensing.

Prasanna Giridhar


Tracking Physical Events on Social Media.

Shuochao Yao

George Mason University

Deep Learning for the Internet of Things.

Yiran Zhao


Energy-saving Cyber-physical Systems for Smart Cities.

Jongdeog Lee

Military Academy, Seoul

Towards Mission-driven Summarization for Tactical Networks.